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  1. hot!

words and music by Jim Schafer;
©2011 James E, Schafer, all rights reserved

There's a change come to my baby
     Though it's nothing I can see
I know that things are different
     But she says it must be me
Her temperature is risin'
     But not in a lovin' way
Her hypothalmic regulator
     Must have gone astray
One thing Daddy never told me
     On the day I tied the knot, is that
Menopausal women are just... HOT!

I was drivin' with my baby
     On an icy winter's day
The car was warm and cosy
     Things were good in every way
Then she opened all the windows
     And let in all that frigid air
She said "This car is like an oven!"
     Then brushed snowflakes from her hair
I was hypothermic
     But she liked it a lot.
Menopausal women are just... HOT!


     My menopausal woman should be paradise on Earth
     I can give her lots of lovin' and she never will give birth
     She still looks hot and sexy
     It's enough to raise a rash
     But the only heat she really feels is from her last hot flash

There's a change come to my baby
     And it shows up with the snow
She's in sandals, shorts and t-shirt
     I'm dressed like and eskimo
The sweat is running off her
     But it's so cold my nose is blue
In our "Golden Years" of marriage
     I'm clim-a-to-log-ic-ly abused
But I'll have to readjust
     'Cause she's the only wife I've got
Menopausal women are just... HOT!


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